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Red Light Therapy – What Is It?

Many people have heard of light therapy at some point, whether on a commercial or from a friend or family member. However, there are plenty of benefits that many are not aware of – including the advantages of using low level light therapy for hair loss. Let’s take a look at what light therapy is, whether it works or not, and how it can benefit your life.

low level light therapy for hair loss

What’s Light Therapy

Your cells are naturally powered by natural red light, which can be directed to specific areas of the body using high powered LED lights. These lights cause a chemical reaction within the cells of the body that boost their production of energy as well as their regeneration. Two things happen when this occurs: ATP production is increased and your cells function more efficiently.

ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is a molecule that is the result of cellular respiration. This molecule is present in all living organisms and is required to produce energy that the body can use to perform the necessary processes needed to survive. Light therapy enhances cellular signaling by creating a more ideal oxidative environment in which cells can operate more efficiently.

Benefits of Light Therapy

Low level light therapy is highly safe and doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or drugs. It is also non-invasive and you won’t have to worry about severe side effects. It can improve sleep, increasing melatonin production in the body. Light therapy also reduces inflammation in the joints and other areas of the body, effectively managing pain.

There are several more ways light therapy can help improve your quality of life and health. Speak with a professional near you about the benefits of low level light therapy for issues like hair loss, skin improvement, injury recovery, and more.