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One Question Asked Of Orthodontics

Without any disrespect ever intentionally accorded to the general practitioner, the orthodontist does, however, represent a step up from the dentist. Aside of the questions typically asked by the practice, the recommendation has already been made. Lakewood orthodontics clinics are already responding to the recommendations made by a body as high as the American Association of Orthodontists.

Lakewood orthodontics

The AAO recommends that children from as young as seven be examined by an orthodontist. It is at this age that the children’s first adult teeth will appear. The inspection is necessary to detect any early growth issues. Early identification can prevent the need to have teeth extracted. Provided that supporting bones and gums are in a healthy state, patients can be treated no matter their age. One pertinent question being asked of the orthodontists is over the wearing of braces.

Young people want to know why. Particularly for growing children, braces are required to treat overlapping teeth, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth and what are known as the over and under-bites. In his or her particularity, the orthodontist is essentially no different from the dentist. As the old saying goes; once bitten, twice shy. Once a patient has been there and done that with the orthodontist for the first time, the orthodontist will surely want to see that patient again.

Apart from the need to do follow-up inspections after treatment and surgery have been completed, there is still the regular matter of going to the dentist or orthodontist for the annual dental exam. But depending on the current status of the patient’s teeth and gums, that exam could be bumped up to two or three times a year. Do not be deterred by this because it is always essentially in the best interests of your health.