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Doulas – What to Expect

Birth is a miraculous thing that can be beautiful yet stressful. With so much going on – doctors and nurses going back and forth, frantic family members, and contractions – it can seem like you’re all alone in a scary situation. However, a doula tampa professional can be a huge asset during childbirth and beyond.

What to Expect

When you first decide on getting a doula, you will be able to get a consultation in order to find the perfect fit for your birth. You can speak with doulas via the phone, email, or in person – whichever is more comfortable for you.

Your doula will speak with you about many aspects of your pregnancy and go over your birth plan, helping you create one that is right for you. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have and give you relaxation and breathing tips to use on the day you go into labor.

A doula will not only meet with you but your care provider as well, making sure that they are aware of your birth plan and any concerns you may have when it comes to labor. They can also go over your medical history to better assist you during birth.

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During labor, they are your main source of support. Doctors and nurses will be in and out of the room, checking on patients throughout the hospital. Your doula remains with you during the entire duration of your labor, even if you are in labor for more than 24 hours.

They also support you after labor, providing many services that make it easier to transition to having your new bundle of joy. Doulas can help when breastfeeding and can even clean the house, do laundry, help with shopping, run errands, and take care of other children in the household.

Having a doula can be an amazing experience, so consider speaking with a professional for support during your labor and after.