5 Ways to Prevent Acne

Acne is oftentimes called the teen disease because it affects teens more than any other age group – male teens to be exact. If you are the parent of a teen who is battling acne, there are a few tips that can help them keep them breakouts and blemishes to a minimum, thus reducing their hardships as they deal with this condition. Use the five tips below to help your child beat acne and keep it off their skin.

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1- Cleanse the Face

Teens should wash their face in the morning and again before bed. This removes dirt from the face as well as bacteria and other oils that can clog the pores and cause an acne breakout.

2- Food Wise

Make sure your teens eat a healthy diet, even when they’d much rather feast on pizza, burgers, and fries more often than not. Food choices impact the health of the skin, even for teens. Greasy, oil foods may impact acne breakouts.

3- Visit the Dermatologist

For severe acne or cases that do not clear within a few weeks, a pediatric dermatologist newport beach is in order. A dermatologist has the solution for each of these cases and helps teens feel at ease even when battling acne.

4- Hands Off

Popping pimples is something that we all feel inclined to do when we see a bump pop up on our face. However popping pimples leads to more breakout and skin irritations. Tell your teen to keep their hand off their face to prevent further irritation.

5- Acne Products

A variety of acne products are out there for teens. Make sure to purchase these products for your teen, since they contain vital ingredients that keep acne away. Moisturizers, cleaners, toners, and many other items are available.